Saturday, 13 April 2013

Catch up!

A pretty major thing happened a few days after the last post and I wasn't able to write about it at the time, and now its kind of been processed and forgotten. But I want to try to revisit it for my own reference.

The weigh in after my lovely weekend away and dinner out was a bit of a shock as for the first time since I started this plan I put one pound on. Now logically I could see that was not a lot and as some people have said 'I can wee a pound!' I could also clearly see from my food diary that although I was within my weekly target of 'syns' I had about double the syns I would normally have. So I knew 1lb wasn't a disaster but I was interested in the emotional response I had which was fear. I wasn't exactly sure what I was scared of. I knew that going back on plan would have that pound gone again as quick as it had appeared, I think I was scared of not being in control - I was technically still on plan but I put weight on so now the plan doesn't work.

I said in the meeting I was ok with the gain... and I was at that point. When I left the meeting I had the weekly shop to do. Why do I always seem to end up in supermarkets after a wobble?!!? Anyway I found myself in the Fruit and Veg section thinking 'If I eat nothing but fruit this week it will go' After I had picked up about five things the realisation that I was over reacting *just* a little hit me. I'm so thankful my logic kicks in so much faster these days. I took a deep breath and put a couple of things back and continued getting the items on my shopping list. I had a good week but not an extreme week there was even chocolate in there on a few nights! ;-)

Sure enough next weigh in I had lost that pound and it had taken another pound and a half with it. I was very pleased to be back on track, but it was a real test for me to not over compensate over the whole week and I did it! Very proud of that. It has also given me an insight into how life after I reach target will be. I understand everyone's weight goes up and down by a few pound naturally, but how will I actually cope with that? I have questions on the technicalities of it as if I keep doing what I am the weight will keep going down and I am pretty much at a point where I want it to stop now. I will continue to eat as much fruit and veg as I am as I love the benefit of it too much. Maybe I can have more syns to keep stable? I'm sure it will be explained to me in class.

But I am pleased I had this experience as I have (as usual) learnt from it. I think it would have hit me harder if I never put any on during the time I was attending meetings but then once at target it I gained - that would have been a bigger deal for me I think. I am still in control as I chose to have a relaxed week and I knew what to do to get back on track. No starving, restricting or over compensating

So yet another new challenge just around the corner how to relax it a bit, not freak out or become obsessed and stay a healthy weight in a healthy way. Interesting times ahead.

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