Monday, 22 April 2013

Wardrobes and emotions

Having now hit target weight and bitten the bullet and got new jeans (that actually fitted) I decided it was high time I went for the full wardrobe clear out. I don't want to be one of those women who has a range of sizes in her wardrobe to allow for all eventualities anymore. I am at a fit and healthy weight and I know how to maintain that so see no reason why it would ever go hugely back up again (with the exception of falling pregnant of course!)

Yea Gods that was a tiring and emotional task thankfully my lovely hubby was very supportive and offered a sane external perspective. You luckily when I put weight on there was no denying some things didn't fit as I couldn't physically get into them. But now I have lost weight I can still fit into those bigger clothes so in my head I think they still *fit* me.... This makes me a size 10-16 which logically I know doesn't make sense. Hubby was very good at telling my which clothes look like I am wearing a tent and over the last three days have gone through everything - even pants ;-) This has left my wardrobe with hanging space to spare, which is bizarre when you consider I am normally someone who has to squeeze everything in and fears the day when all the clothes I own are clean and ironed as I know they wont all fit in!

I hated this process and found it very upsetting as so many of my clothes I get sentimentally attached to - who bought them for me - where did I wear them - how they made me feel about myself etc etc. This is the first time I have ever got rid of clothes that I still adore and desperately want to wear. I have four skirts I am praying can be taken in somehow though the task is way beyond my skills, I'm hopeful more skilled sewers will say 'No problem'

Here is the dress I tried on last week and was then sent back to buy. Very different style to that which I would normally go for, but I liked it. Today I also went to get a couple more bras and took the opportunity to pick up some new basic t-shirts and vests, as my summer wardrobe is now non-existent! You see after the wardrobe I decided to keep going and took down my summer wardrobe boxes to go through, 99% of things in there were a size 16. I know it sounds a bit dumb but I hadn't really realised I was three dress sizes bigger this time last year until I saw those clothes.

So its all a bit odd now, I'm not sure what to buy or what suits me as for the first time in years I feel ok wearing fitted clothes (ok still a lot of firming up to go in certain places) but I'm not hiding under floaty smock tops, in fact they now make me look bigger than I am rather than being flattering in any way.

I cant get used to picking up size 10, but I am feeling happier with what I see in the mirror and I have a little wiggle in my walk back - ahhhh confidence where have you been eh? So now to buy a few bits to fill the gaps such as smart work clothes, without breaking the bank. Most of the clothes will go to charity some to friends and some on eBay to try to fund some new clothes so everyone wins in that case :-)

Time for bed now.. which makes me realise that all my PJs are two sizes too big for me now - yet another thing that needs replacing - never knew getting fit cost to much money!


  1. Lovely dress, Cat - looks very good on you.

  2. I'm glad J helped you through the wardrobe sort out - it's impossible to take an objective view on clothes, as you really do have a relationship with them.

    You look great in that dress, and showing off your waist is definitely a good move!

    If we lived closer together I'd be knocking on your door to try on some of your cast offs :)