Monday, 15 April 2013


In general I have had amazing support and comments about the physical effect of my healthy eating and how I have got my head straight about food now. But over the last week or so I have started to get comments from a couple of people saying 'You aren't going to lose anymore weight are you?' or 'You will look to thin if you loose more weight' and 'You look nice and slim now, but don't loose anymore' Now these comments have been from work colleagues who don't really know me, and a supervisor who does know my history.

Well as it happens I'm pretty much at the weight target I set myself back in January and as peoples weight naturally goes up and down a bit I expect that on occasions I will be a couple of pound lighter than I am right now - likewise a couple of pound heavier and I'm fine with that. I am happy if not a little surprised (pleasantly!) when I look in the mirror.  I am starting to settle into being where I have always wanted to be but never thought I could be, and as you have witnessed I have done it healthily and happily.

But how these comments are made has a bit of an edge I don't like, not sure if its them projecting their stuff onto me, or whether they know my history or not they think I look like the sort of girl to go to far with this sort of thing? Or maybe it is genuine concern? Not sure... But I am sure its weeing on my parade right now!

I do know that no matter what weights I naturally end up bouncing between, it will be a continuation of this healthy process and therefore it wont go 'too far' I know my the medical opinion of my minimum weight and I have no intention of going anywhere near that. For now I am going to relax a bit, ignore the comments and enjoy being right here, right now :-)


  1. In my experience here is a tendency for people who are concious of their own weight that say to "not lose any more".

    Don't take it to heart. If you are where you want to be and you are healthy and well this is all that matters and there are people out there who are covered in awe of what you have achieved.

  2. I'm sure you are right, when it became obvious I was losing a little weight two of them said to me 'I'm going to do something to lose some weight myself' and have both said to me that haven't actually done anything about their own situations.

  3. You hit the nail on the head when you said "these comments have been from work colleagues who don't really know me" - people who are acquaintances rather than close friends do say standard, un-thought out comments, not because they are being horrible but because it's an easy comment to make. People who really know you would cut through the small talk.

    It's like someone you see at work saying how are you, and you say "fine" even though you're not, because it's a small talk kind of thing to say. I respond like that all the time, rather than really answering the question.

    So long as you're happy with what you're doing, you've got your head on right and your closest friends would let you know if something was of concern.

    I hope you understand I'm not saying there is a concern, just don't read too much into comments of acquaintances who are just passing a generic quip (with good intentions).

    ps, just reading your update to Heppie, I agree, they are also on some level envious that you actually have the guts and sticking power to change your life for the better!