Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Eating out

On Saturday I had a big post therapy test - my first meal out. Back when I was in therapy we decided on a tactic of having one course where I am mindful of what I am eating and its ok if I take the 'safe' option *but* I had to have whatever I fancied for the other course. Good balance and no uncomfortable extremes was the idea.

As far as the healthy eating plan goes they say set yourself a limit of syns and stick to that. Don't change your eating habits on the days before or after to compensate either. So spoke to my consultant and decided to set a limit equal to four days worth of syns. I did my research before looking at different food on the website so I had rough ideas of what value different foods may have so I didn't go in totally blind on the night.

I decided I would have a main and a dessert, but then saw a starter that sounded fab so chose that as well! Here is what I ordered

 Starter - Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham with a poached duck egg and Parmesan shavings on a bed of rocket with an artistic drizzle of balsamic glaze. It was as amazing as it sounds really loved it, the glaze was stunning and I haven't had duck eggs for years. There was a little bit of grizzle in the ham which normally freaks me out and I am unable to keep eating, but I calmly separated it and put it on the plate and finished the rest loving every mouthful

Main - Fillet steak with chips, mushrooms and a grilled tomato, in a choice of sauces. As far as I know I have never had fillet steak as it is to expensive for my pockets, but darling hubby said I could go for it! It was amazing without a doubt the nicest steak I have ever had and worth every penny. The chips were only about ten in number and served in a little pot, big chunky and perfect with the steak. The mushrooms I think were cooked in butter again very tasty and went well with the steak, however I left the tomato as the taste just didn't work. I did ask for mine without a sauce as I wanted to really taste the steak, but hubby's ordered the same with a red wine sauce which came in a separate gravy boat. I took him up on his offer to have some and was able to pour a little but not drown the food. I might as for sauces to be served like that in the future so I can control how much I want to have that day.

Sadly the picture of dessert hasn't come out, which is a huge shame as it was by far the prettiest of all the course. Never mind I shall just have to try to describe it. Dessert was my 'have what you want' course and I ordered profiteroles as we had them the first time we ate there and they were lovely. A little different this time as they came on a shortbread biscuit, but as before they had vanilla custard inside and no chocolate sauce over the top, just a little to hold the stack together and then dusted in icing sugar. I let darling hubby have one *giggle* but had the rest all to myself.

Oh and the red wine we had with it was stunning - I am so thankful since being pregnant I can drink red wine again without falling asleep after ten minutes! I had half a bottle and felt a little light headed that night but very heavy headed in the morning!

What was the most amazing about this evening was I felt no nerves or guilt, I was excited about ordering food, enjoyed it more than ever, talked about it discussing how it tasted and what I liked. It felt like the first time I had ever eaten out, and if the experience of eating out can be like that I'm gonna do it more often! Hubby said I was like a different person as well and its great that others can see the change in me.

I was pretty sure I had stayed within my allowance that night but out of interest worked out my syns as best I could and I was well under. So I knew what I was doing and felt confident with the food I was ordering. It was a great success. I know it must sound a bit daft to others but it was such an amazing and positive difference for me I am still excited now, things have really changed for me and food. Never going back, things are better now than I ever dared hope they could be.

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