Thursday, 7 February 2013

Enjoying food?!?!

Its all about the food today, I seem to spent so much time thinking about or preparing food these days. But not in an obsessional way as I had feared. My attitude to running away from food has calmed so much I am now able to plan a weeks food without dissolving into panic or freezer meals. This way of cooking does take time to prepare I was chopping my lunch up at 11.30am.

Forward planning and paying attention to my portions also means leftovers which eases the stress of lunches a lot. I am no longer ignoring food as long as I can until around 2.30pm I am so hungry I feel sick. My desperation to eat something would then mean I just grabbed the quickest and normally unhealthiest thing I could find. Not preparing a lunch to take to work would often mean not eating until I finished around 2pm and grabbing a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar to scoff so fast I didn't even notice let alone enjoy them. I don't miss that way of eating one bit *win*

So today's food has been amazing I had to share it all! Lunch was red onions, butternut squash, parsnip, carrot and sweet potato roasted with a drizzle of maple syrup towards the end of the cooking time. I got the idea of the maple syrup from another recipe and it is well worth the one syn it costs. I love the way it goes a little sticky especially with the crunch of the vegetables and rock salt.

Next up was a banana pancake. My group leader mentioned this and I thought 'err that's weird' But when I realised I had a black banana that really needed eating or chucking I gave it a go. You just mash a banana, whisk in an egg and bung it in a frying pan. It goes all kind of foamy and looks a bit odd, I couldn't flip or turn it so finished the top off under the grill. I had it with apple and a dollop of natural yogurt, but it would have been just as nice on its own. It tasted absolutely heavenly and I think it will be a regular weekend breakfast.... or anytime treat really! Cant recommend this highly enough! :-)

Finally dinner was a recipe card my hubby picked up, for beetroot risotto. I kind of didn't want to like it as grating four beetroot has to be one of the messiest things I have done in a long time, but I will be cooking it again. Very simple recipe and I'm glad I didn't decide to leave the red wine out. Along with the roasted veg I'm very high on my syns today, but I am not over and more importantly I have really enjoyed all the food I have eaten. Now that is a lovely thing to me able to type here. I am also looking forward to eating like this for the rest of my life.

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  1. Wow, that banana pancake sounds gorgeous! Definitely going to try that this weekend. And the roasted veg a winner with the maple syrup ending :)