Monday, 4 February 2013

Oh look legs!!

So my love affair with the scales came to an abrupt end last week when I asked Hubby to hide them and I have been going quietly nuts since then... But I havent turned the house upside down looking for them yet, I just look forlornly at the space they used to fill :-(  But I am sure I have lost some weight and I have had some compliments saying I look slim, but at the end of the day it how I feel in me that matters. My clothes do feel different already and today I got ready for work and for some reason put on a pair of thin tights and a short dress (mental really as it was jolly cold today!) I am normally very self conscious of my legs and only wear short dresses over jeans/thick tights or leggings. So what happened today?

Wish I knew! But I do feel different in my skin, more comfortable. I hope there will be more short dresses and skirts in the future.

Tonight I am preoccupied with tomorrow mornings weigh-in as it is my first weigh-in for two weeks - I am very nervous about it. I have an idea of what I think/hope I have lost, but what interests me is how I will react if it is not as much as that. I am still resetting my head as to what it is to be full, what a healthy weight for me is and how to get to healthy weight in a healthy way.

I'm definitely less scared of food, but if tomorrow doesn't go as well as I hope I wonder if I will blame the food I have eaten? This still feels unreal... I don't feel I can really 'trust' the food I am eating as I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact I am breaking my food rules after so many years.

Lets see what the morning bring. I just need to remember that I am in control of the food *not* the other way round.

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  1. Gentle hugs hon and fingers crossed for you. xx

    Also well done for all of the hard work you are doing. You are doing brilliantly! *waves pom poms*