Sunday, 10 March 2013

heavy blood

So today I am aware of even more good and bad aspects of this healthy eating malarkey. It might be getting a little expensive! I set aside some money to pay for the club membership and weigh in sessions and I'm nor surprised my food bill is higher than before. My old habit of not eating three meals a day has effected this more than the price of the food I buy.

But expenses I hadn't thought of are clothes! It is now very noticeable I have dropped some weight and one the plus side clothes that just fitted tightly are now comfortable. But clothes that fitted before now look very baggy and some will have to go. I'm not to worries as the expense can be offset a little by selling good clothes on Ebay to fund some new wardrobe items. Weight loss has really hit my boobs now *Oh Woe* which is a shame as they are my confidence boost. As a friend once said 'I can always tell when you are nervous about going somewhere by how low cut your top is!' and its true I have used them as a great distraction technique over the years. But goodness my bra's were not fitting well *before* I started this - now its just laughable how badly they fit! I'm going to give it another month to let the last bit of weight go and my body to settle then I am going to have to buy some yummy new bra's.

A more expensive casualty might be my engagement ring :-/ I have James mothers ring and it was always a little loose when my hands were cold, it spins around all the time, but not in danger of falling off so we never got it sized. However it is starting to get worryingly loose now and I may have to get it altered or risk losing it, which would break my heart. Better safe than sorry on that one I think but again as with bra's I will give it another month for things to settle a bit more.

It not all woe and I don't really think any of the above is a big deal in the grand scheme of things, after all its an excuse to go shopping! ;-)

But this morning I discovered a fantastic side effect to the eating plan when I went to give blood. I have only been turned away from donating once because of my iron levels (I think that's what the drop of blood test bit is anyway) But every time the drop of blood takes the longest allowable time to drop and its always touch and go for that moment if I will be allowed to donate. I was eager to see if the big diet changes would have an effect and part of me was worried I should have had more spinach and beef this last week. But no need to worry that little drop of blood went straight down, in fact the nurse said it was perfect! Now that's what healthy eating can do *happy* I gave blood and got my Bronze award this time which makes it even more perfect :-) Oh and as far as the after donation biscuit goes I decided to skip it having worked out last night that it would be most of my days syn allowance, so instead I took a light cereal bar with me and eating plan sabotage was avoided!

On the cooking front slowly getting the hang of the slow cooker and made a very yummy chicken casserole last night that was so yummy I forgot to take a photo! lol!!

So I'm riding the positivity wave this week and gonna crack on with some personal and work tasks I have been hiding from *rolls up sleeves*

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