Friday, 1 March 2013

Role model menu

The drive behind making the changes I have was to teach my daughter what  healthy food is and how it is not good to eat lots of junk. I want to share two things that happened with her and food today, that have made me very happy.

While enjoying her Marmite and veg pasta at lunchtime she reached over and took some fresh spinach from my plate and proceeded to munch her way through half a dozen leaves, declaring it was yummy. Than later as a treat I cut one of her Dads jam donuts into four so she could try a little bit. I brushed off all the excess sugar and showed her the jam in the middle. She poked at it a bit then picked it up and squeezed it so the jam went all over some of her fingers. She refused to eat any off the jam or the donut, she said she didn't like jam and then asked to have her hands wiped. I asked if she would rather have a fig roll 'Yes please mummy' was the reply.

She also mugged me for half my banana this afternoon, now I know she would have properly mugged me for whatever I was eating. All the more important I am eating a banana not a huge packet of crisps or a chocolate bar. I am so much happier with the food lessons she is picking up from me these days.

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