Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Strange cooking

My appetite is continuing to return and last night had my first proper sized meal as well as bravely using the slow cooker properly for the first time. Very nice it was to, though I am still nervous about leaving the slow cooker on while I leave the house which somewhat defeats the object of having it! I served it up to darling hubby with rice as was his preference. But I didn't fancy rice and I am aware that some days I haven't had as much free veg as the eating plan suggests so instead of rice of potato I went for broccoli and cherry tomatoes. I have already got into the habit of bunging a handful of salad or spinach on the side of meals if the proportions of certain food groups are not as balanced as they could be. This week I also discovered adding a tin of mushy peas to bump up veg count without just filling up on potato or pasta

 I had a go at another strange cooking technique with these smash scones tonight and was pleasantly surprised. Don't get me wrong the are very odd, but also very nice :-) I am trying to work out if I can use the recipe to create a cobbler top to a chili or cottage pie mix.

Hang on I'm getting far to adventurous here! My husband was remembering the wife he used to have who was scared to cook or try new recipes - where has she gone!! 

We had the scones alongside the Mexican bean bake I originally made in the first week of this food experiment. I have tweaked the recipe to use a mix of beans not just kidney beans, and I didn't do the strange Quark topping this time (because I forgot we didn't have any in the fridge!) So spent some extra syns and just grated cheese on top. And very well it worked indeed.
They will make a good snack and I will see what Autumn thinks of them tomorrow.

I am feeling so alive and proud of myself today, I actually noticed I am walking taller today so I must be feeling more confident. With every day that passes after being discharged from the counsellor I am finding my focus on the weight loss is drifting. I don't mean I am not sticking to the eating plan, I just mean the reason for doing it has shifted. I am doing it as it makes me feel good and calm and not scared of food *yay*


  1. Sounds like you're really rewiring the old habits into new positive ones - *win*

    And I tried the banana/egg omelette thingamys yesterday (with some nutmeg), another tasty and not too naughty alternative that you've taught me. Thank you!

  2. Glad you liked it, and so easy isn't it?

    I always have one when I am starving and want something sweet :-) I added cinnimon last time I made one and will have to try nutmeg next time, good idea :-)