Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Taking a compliment

Another different breakfast topping today, this time a fresh fruit salad. Again yummy, but nothing beats the mixed berries for me. I am getting better at not putting breakfast off, this is just a habit as I now have a type of breakfast I really like and I know eating it will stop me snacking on rubbish mid-morning.

I have been told the secret to sticking to this type of healthy eating plan is well to plan! Lunch on a Monday and Wednesday when I am working have, for as long as I can remember, been a sandwich in the car on the way home. So I have started taking something in that fits my plan, so far this has been a portion of the soup I made or leftovers from the night before. Of course this saves me money as well as helping me stick to food plan, and just to put a smile on my face I get to take it in the best ever lunchbox in the world which was a Christmas present last year. How cute is that? The bottom one gets filled with fruit and the top with my main meal. All microwavable and really leak proof even when I happily swing it by the handle on my walk into the office! Having something nice to eat out off is having a good effect as well. I'm making an 'event' of eating again aren't I?

 Now back to my title - I'm not alone in struggling to accept a compliment I know, For me its particularly bad when its a 'you look nice' one. Today I had three compliments on how I looked, two of them specifically mentioning how slim I was looking. Well that melts my brain when I am feeling bloated and out of contact with what my weight is doing. I am very thankful of it today though as I stored them away as evidence against my rule of eating until I feel full means I will get fat. I also stopped to focus on the fact my clothes felt comfortable, especially as I was wearing a skirt I haven't been able to get into for about four years. Now if all the meals I have had in the last week that have left me feeling very full had made me fat then that skirt would have been uncomfortable or lets face it I wouldn't have got it on!

And talking of feeling full, tonight's dinner defeated me and I didn't have a full portion as I was beginning to become uncomfortably full. This bowl of comfort is called 'Cowboy Pie' and I really enjoyed it. Basically its a version of cottage pie with baked beans in and a healthy amount of Worcester sauce. It also uses spring onions which I have never used like this and they added a nice taste.

Although I'm finding this process so helpful, but I think I am going to have to stop writing every day as I'm getting nothing else done in the evenings!

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