Monday, 28 January 2013

Making progress

Been an odd day and I’m knackered now. The morning turned into a bit of a rush as I put off getting showered as long as I could, desperate to weigh myself but knowing when I went into the bathroom the scales would not be there. Sounds pathetic but first thing I felt frozen about going into the bathroom. However I didn’t try and look for them either which I am very proud of!

Once I had had a coffee, woken up a bit more and given myself a stern talking to I was able to get washed and dressed without any problem then sit down to this breakfast.

Still no guilt about eating it as I know what is in it. This was today's breakfast and well look at it! The remainder of Sundays pancakes, mixed berries and natural yogurt. I think all Monday breakfasts should start with a cherry on top!

After a rescue mission to get a stranded lovely hubby home, the evening got a bit rushed and by the time darling daughter was in bed we needed a quick easy tea. For us this used to be beans on toast with a couple of poached eggs. But as I discovered last week, the bread in the bread pushed me over my allowance. So I found the solution of pasta (free on my plan) this is now my favourite quick cant be bothered end of a long day dinner. Pasta – baked beans – poached eggs

I’m loving the fact I seem to have power over food rather than the other way round. I went to the supermarket today (again! I always forget something and have to go back!) and was able to walk past so many foods I would normally desire to pick up, sometimes without even thinking. The usual things chocolate, cake, crisps that kind of thing. Wasn’t even tempted today which considering where my hormones are right now I would normally be devouring a small mountain of it... I do however have one Ferrero Rocher sitting next to me and now I am done here, I’m off to enjoy it – which of course means eating it in a the childish way of biting all the chocolate off and then pulling the wafer ball apart!


  1. Do you want the SW friendly Scan Bran Ferrero Rocher recipe? Several people in our group swear by it, though I've never tried it.

  2. ??? Sounds very interesting! Go on then email it over to me :-)