Sunday, 27 January 2013

weight on my mind

Was fine about hubby hiding the scales yesterday and I should have been fine this morning. I broke the habit of weighing myself everyday ages ago, as I used them yesterday logic says I should have been fine this morning and not even noticed for a few days. But I felt really itchy that I couldn't check today especially after last nights dinner which was Haggis, Mashed tatties and neeps, mushrooms and onions cooked in Whiskey and  gravy.. with a glass of red wine.... and a chocolate to follow. All in all I didn't do to badly as far as the plan is concerned only one syn over so no big drama and I didn't feel guilty, quite happy in fact as it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But its the first time I have gone over my allowance of anything  and I think that is why I really wanted to check this morning.

I would like to say it got better as the day went on, but I have had been extra careful with what I ate and just want to weigh myself. I'm kidding myself I would be fine if I just weighed once more as I know the next day I would want it again. When I put it like that it sounds like some sort of an addiction - but I didn't need them all the time when I *knew* they were there. I'm hoping these feeling lessen over the week.

I shall focus more on my lovely pictures. I have been thinking more about all the photos I am taking of my food. It is helping me so much and I'm not sure why. I wonder if there is a bit of aversion therapy going on as well the more I look at pictures of the food the less scared I am of it. In fact I would go so far as to say I'm pretty proud of it all which is another very pleasant change

Breakfast was a triumph today it looks so decadent but is so good. Very odd making pancakes out of yogurt and porridge and eggs, but it works well. I just need to get better at turning them. I plan to have the rest of the pancakes with yogurt and berries for tomorrows breakfast.

Dinner was a vegetable and bean soup, very simple and very tasty - I spent some syns on a slice of fresh bread to dip in it as well. So funny weighing a slice of bread but I had no idea what to allow for it as it was an uncut loaf!

So all in all the way I am feeling about food is improving... but the way I am feeling about my body is worse due to not having scales and feeling out of control. I need to focus on the fact its the food that gives me control not the scales. This feels like an impossible challenge right now.


  1. It sounds like you know what you need to focus on - the food being so great, not the scales. I do have to say when I say your breakfast photo I thought it was pile of muffins with white icing LOL - tells you where _my_ brain is :-/

    You don't need your scales, keep at it you are doing great xxx

    1. You know what? The pancakes tasted even better than muffins :-)

  2. That pancake/banana tower looks amazing! I'm going to try this at the weekend :)
    You always make your food look like an event, which I'm sure helps you feel like you've eaten a satisfying meal.

    1. Would you like the oatbran pancake recipe?

      Hmmm I have always tried to make my food look nice, but I think that is happening a lot more now.... More food for thought. Thank you :-)